About “Letters to my children”

The original tagline of this blog went something like this:

“Mostly commentary about family issues, by an adult child of divorce.”

This blog originally started off as a way for me to blow off steam about being raised in a highly chaotic family structure, one that I shared with no other person. It forced/taught me to lie to my parents on a regular basis, and I had to pretend everything was OK in order to keep the peace with them. As a result, I have come to the conclusion that all “alternative” family structures are “near occasions of sin” for the children who have to live in them. To my knowledge, nobody else is talking about these issues quite like this, and so I wanted to create a record of my thoughts.

But as I wrote and wrote and wrote, I realized that in my heart I was directing these posts to my children and my posterity. So I changed the tagline to say “Letters to my children” in order to reflect my intention.

Anybody is welcome to read, and thoughtful comments from anyone of any viewpoint are welcome.


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