Cult dynamics: addicted to the cult

“The so-called therapeutic groups try to but cannot provide or replace this maturational process. Their goal is to ’empower’ their members by providing them with support and a sense of belonging. Since the suppression of childhood feelings is the rule within these groups, however, the individual’s depression cannot be resolved. Moreover, a person can become addicted to the group itself, as the group provides the illusion that the unmet needs of the former child can eventually be fulfilled (by the group) in the adult. With such illusions, no one can truly heal.” Alice Miller, The Drama of the Gifted Child (emphasis added)

This describes Solid Rock to a T. It is an addiction, and even before I left often felt and thought that my ex was behaving like an addict. I thought the same thing about myself, not so much in the years preceding my departure, but earlier for sure. I remember one time, in the late 1990s or early 2000s, thinking that being there was like shooting up, complete with the euphoric feeling, and once or twice I had a spontaneous image arise in my mind of me injecting myself with a needle full of heroin or something similar after accepting certain things about the leader.