Today is the anniversary of Roe v. Wade

Today is the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the infamous SCOTUS decision that required all states to allow unrestricted abortion. It is the day that our government officially installed a “might makes right” ideology. My size and power means that I have the “right” to destroy human life inside my body that I find inconvenient, untimely, or otherwise undesirable. Will this human life hinder my goals in life? Am I just “not ready” to be a mother? Does this human life have some characteristic I find objectionable? Then I get to destroy it. There is so much wrong with this way of thinking, but that’s what we are up against.

Many people used to support abortion but changed their minds. Here are a few:

Here is a list of more people who used to support abortion but are now against it, including some former Planned Parenthood workers, abortion doctors, and politicians. Here is another list (there might be some overlap).

Even though Democrats get the rap for abortion, not all Dems support it. For example, there is an organization called Democrats for Life of America. Evidently, one in three Democrats is pro-life. Isn’t that wonderful? So refreshing. There is also a Facebook page called:

Whole Life: Pro-life Democrats, Progressives, and Feminists

I am unsure how many people it represents but I follow them to show support for our common cause.



Author: everybodysdaughter

I'm an adult child of divorce, having been raised in multiple divorce/remarriage situations. I'm writing in order to shed light on the problems of divorce from the perspective of the child. I will also discuss problems with other non-triad family structures, since there is a lot of overlap. People often think that better parenting skills will overcome problems in non-triad arrangements. While I agree that parenting skills are important, they cannot overcome the problems I discuss such as fractured ontology and perpetual liminality. I converted to the Catholic faith in 2012, and will discuss Catholic things from time to time as well.

2 thoughts on “Today is the anniversary of Roe v. Wade”

  1. Great, well thought out post.

    The Congress can, if it desires, intervene when the Supreme Court issues such a blatantly unconstitutional decision by telling the high court that it has no jurisdiction in the matter. But, we all know of the cowardice of politicians, many of whom were glad that the Supreme Court did what it did. These politicians wanted abortion to be legal but they did not want to have to face voters over trying to legalize it.

    Regrettably, many pro-life groups have focused on the supply side of the equation and worked (through legal means) to reduce the number of abortionists and abortion facilities in the country, while tending to ignore or downplay the demand side.

    The sad fact is that women want abortion. Many in the pro-life movement over the years have made excuses for women who get abortions. Telling us that the abortionists exploit women and/or that abortion is the result of sexually irresponsible men, the culpability of women has been downplayed or ignored. (I could name such groups here that I no longer interact with or support.) Telling women they have little or no responsibility for seeking and obtaining an abortion has not won many women over to a pro-life conviction.

    Here is what I offer as food for thought:

    When will abortion come to an end in our country?

    Abortion won’t end until women – en masse – reject abortion.

    Thus, the question really is:

    When will women reject abortion?

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  2. Thanks for remembering… I like your diagnosis and comments. I believe you are correct on the response… Everyone is responsible for this act on preborn people.

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