Lack of college degree does not equal “uneducated”

As somebody who only recently finished her bachelor’s degree, it is like salt in a wound when I hear news commentary about “uneducated” voters, those who don’t have a bachelor’s degree.

I wasn’t uneducated before I had my bachelor’s. I wrote books about bookkeeping; created a website; was self employed; marketed, brokered and sold my small bookkeeping business; got a good paying job; had a column at the Christian Post; forged an argument for the defense of marriage by seeing Christian sexual morality as a conduit for justice for children; read a lot; and in general tried to be a good citizen. A college degree is great and I’m grateful I was finally able to finish it, but the lack of one didn’t mean I was “uneducated.” So insulting, elitist, and classist for the news media to use that term.

In addition to the insult about being “uneducated,” this article by Garrison Keillor at the Chicago Tribune makes a stunning, yet buried, admission:

“…it helps a lot if the waitress and her husband encourage good habits and the ambition to use your God-given talents and the kids aren’t plugged into electronics day and night.”

Wait a minute: the waitress AND HER HUSBAND? I thought gender specific words were a no-no now? And what about the single mom like Murphy Brown? What about the gay couple using a surrogate to create and raise a child like David Sawyer and Bryan Collins? What about the gender-neutral trans family raising children? Nope, no mention of them or people like them. How odd, coming from a liberal. Is this a quiet admission that sex differences matter, that the natural family founded on natural marriage actually DO matter to the outcomes of children, just like the social science has been telling us for decades, just like the ancient Christian teaching on sexual morality upheld?

What about those of us who didn’t live with our own married mother and father? Where is the open admission that **championing** “sexual freedom” for adults contributed to kids not finishing their college degrees (or even their high school diplomas)… aka being “uneducated”? Not to mention a lot of other negative, painful outcomes such as shorter life spans, addictions, their own divorces, anger issues, thoughts of suicide, losing contact with grandparents, and on and on? So they’ll destroy our families and champion them never forming, then gloat over us being “uneducated.” They’ll just plug their ears to the social science, since it gets in the way of their “open mindedness” and “sexual liberation.” They cannot admit that kids being with our own married mothers and fathers contributes to them being “educated.” Got it? This is their shtick: “Family for me but not for thee.”

I am so angry right now. The most charitable thing I can say about Mr. Keillor is that he is tone deaf.


Author: everybodysdaughter

I'm an adult child of divorce, having been raised in multiple divorce/remarriage situations. I originally started writing here to shed light on the problems of divorce from the perspective of the child. I gradually started writing about the Catholic faith, and the blog probably is more of that at this point. However, there is overlap between the two, since the "shape" of the family is a triangle, which is a reflection of the Holy Family and the Holy Trinity.

3 thoughts on “Lack of college degree does not equal “uneducated””

  1. I never got a college degree but I know how to do many things well – write, websites, administrative, taxes, balancing accounts, keeping an organized house, ect. I tried going to college a few years back and never finished. My life is just to crazy. Maybe someday. You’d be surprised the amount of people who still ask me “where did you go to college?” And when I say I didn’t, they look at me different and quickly change the subject. This in evangelical circles. I agree liberals are guilty of this but so are conservatives–especially the extreme conservatives that want their wives to be home so the men can get Masters degrees and be their main support. I’m not against the stay at home moms as I am one!! But I know the work force looks down on me. As does society. They don’t value the woman without a degree.

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  2. I believe everyone is influenced by their environment which is either positive or negative .

    I do think we are very much influenced by the parent we are raised with the most. If one of your parents take a powder you are just as influenced in a negative way. It makes you feel like you are not worth loving , that your less than. But when your an adult and see the big picture and have gone through divorce and raising. your own kids you understand your parents did influence you but your screw ups are just that yours.

    I am hurt from lies my mother told , but I was also hurt due to people not telling me the truth out of love for me to protect me.

    In life we are not born knowing. How to parent especially if we are young. I got married the first time at 16 huge huge mistake. Not because of who I chose I was lucky in have married a good man. But I hurt him because I was a kid he was 21 and in the military. I had never been away from home so going good to Germany was the end of the marriage. After a year and a tornado in the town is was from I wanted to go home . Other things happened once I was home completely ended the marriage.

    I was to blame for the divorce and my stupidity . He and I have a daughter and he is still my friend .
    He is a great guy. I know if I called him tomorrow and needed him he would come . I have always respected him and he respected me.

    I can’t say that about all my past relationships. I know a couple were bad for my son out of jealousy towards his father. Testosterone attacks.

    If only parents could look at their lives through a looking glass and see how things ended up we would have made different decisions for ourself and for our kids but unfortunately like our kids we learn the hardway just like we do

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