Will the Catholic Church ever accept same-sex marriage?

One of my Facebook friends posted a couple posts today, saying basically that he believes the Catholic Church will accept same sex marriage by 2020. Here is what I wrote on one of those posts:

…I firmly believe that the issue of SSM is a manifestation of deeper misunderstandings about sex and marriage. Contraception is the linchpin for all of these issues. As long as the Church formally rejects contraception, the other teachings surrounding marriage will hold, at least in principle and among those who believe/understand. That is my belief, and so I am cautiously optimistic that the teachings will not change. I admit that I feel scared at times, since it is hard for me to fully believe that the Holy Spirit is protecting my Church, especially when there is so much confusion right now with Pope Francis; yet that is what she teaches and so I need to work in my unbelief! She is the Bride of Christ after all. I think of the steward of Gondor in the final Lord of the Rings film (I haven’t read the books). It doesn’t matter how horrible he might have been personally, his office is still valid as a placeholder for the king. I also think back to the Arian heresy, when most of the bishops went along with it. It must have been really hard and even scary at times for those few who held to the true teaching about Jesus. How did they know they were correct, since there were so many who held the opposing view? Yet the true teaching prevailed ultimately. That is where we are now, I believe, when it comes to marriage and sexuality.

The true teachings will prevail but that doesn’t mean things won’t get scary in the mean time.


Author: everybodysdaughter

I'm an adult child of divorce, having been raised in multiple divorce/remarriage situations. I originally started writing here to shed light on the problems of divorce from the perspective of the child. I gradually started writing about the Catholic faith, and the blog probably is more of that at this point. However, there is overlap between the two, since the "shape" of the family is a triangle, which is a reflection of the Holy Family and the Holy Trinity.

4 thoughts on “Will the Catholic Church ever accept same-sex marriage?”

  1. ebd–

    One of the geniuses of the authority structure of the Catholic Church is that it can have its cake…and eat it, too.

    If a pope steps out of bounds, we are reminded that he himself is not infallible. Unless he is speaking “ex cathedra,” he can be mistaken (and they are very, very careful never to give a definitive answer as to what it even means for a pronouncement to be “from the chair”). Heck, Dante depicted popes as being in torment in hell. Nothing protects them from even serious moral failings.

    If the majority of Catholics fall away from orthodoxy–as may have been the case during the Arian crisis–a remnant remains who are true to what came before (or what was established after) the time of upheaval.

    With the whole notion of the “development of doctrine” comes the ability to pivot in alignment with the Scientific Revolution and with changes in cultural mores. Slavery was embraced and then let go of. The Copernican Revolution brought about changes in interpreting OT cosmological claims. Soteriological exclusivism was embraced (no salvation outside the church) and then changed to inclusivism. Anti-modernist codes were enforced and then later retracted when evolution acquired greater acceptance. Historical-critical hermeneutics were vilified and then later championed.

    So yes, changes in policy toward gays could indeed come about if the Vatican bought into the idea that the current science behind sexual “orientation” was valid.

    In the end, Catholic dogma is whatever the current magisterium says it is. Convinced of this very concept, C. S. Lewis decided it could never be safe for his conscience to convert to Catholicism.


    1. I like to respond to people, but you’ve left a number of comments of and are saying a lot in them. I will not have time to address every point you make.

      I feel totally confident that the Church will never accept same-sex marriage. To do so would be to jettison a core aspect of marriage, which is the procreation of children. And the idea of procreating children is extremely deep. It is far more that just having babies.


    2. No, Hans, Catholic dogma is not whatever the current magisterium says it is. As I said on another comment, you have left a number of comments and are saying a lot in them. I do not have time to respond to every point you make.

      The infallibility teaching authority has been part of the Church from the beginning. Acts 15, for example, when certain Christians were claiming that new converts had to become circumcised in order to become Christian. The answer was not immediately clear, so a council was called and much debate took place. A single OT verse was cited (the NT was not written or codified yet), one that did not mention circumcision and so probably sounded pretty vague to those who favored circumcision. That, plus what they learned from Christ’s oral teaching about salvation, and they came to the correct conclusion to not require circumcision.

      As for CS Lewis, I don’t think you have characterized his position correctly. See this, for example: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/davearmstrong/2015/08/why-didnt-c-s-lewis-become-a-catholic.html


  2. Hi EBD!

    No need to be “cautiously” optomistic – the Catholic Church will never change her teaching on gay “marriage”. Those who make that claim have no understanding of who the Church is, what she teaches, why she teaches it or how the Church works.

    She may shrink because people will abandon her over this (and other issues) but the true Church will not change her teaching on this. She cannot.

    The Church will endure all sorts of persecution, just as she has since the beginning, and we may all be called to become martyrs, but she will not change her doctrine.

    Thank God.

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